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Over 110,000 migrant workers purchase health insurance cards at One Stop Service Centers

25 July 2013 - National News Bureau of Thailand. he Ministry of Public Health notifies the community that after the opening of 34 One Stop Service Centers nationwide, more than 110,000 migrant workers have been for health checks and purchased health insurance packages.

Posted by Jen Branscombe at Jul 25, 2014 07:56 AM |
17,000 migrant workers registered for work permits in Samut Prakarn

25 July 2014 - National News Bureau of Thailand. A total of 17,000 migrants workers from 3 neighboring countries have submitted their work permit applications at the one-stop service center in Samut Prakarn.

Posted by Jen Branscombe at Jul 25, 2014 07:41 AM |
Thailand mandates health checks for migrant workers

8 July 2014 - Phnom Penh Post. On the road to legal employment in Thailand, Cambodian migrant workers are being made to undergo check-ups that have them cough, strip and give blood and urine samples to prove they are physically and mentally sound enough to work in the country.

Posted by Jen Branscombe at Jul 08, 2014 06:24 AM |
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Is what we hear about migration really true? questioning 8 stereotypes

Fargues Philippe, 2014. Immigration has polarised European politics for decades. There have been defenders and opponents of migration into Europe, and it has often been the matter of acrimonious debate. In recent years, however, the dispute between the two groups often seems to have largely vanished. If the opinion that migration is a threat rather than an asset prevails, there is a risk that European States will forego the benefits of immigration. In doing so, it will undermine Europe’s recovery from the crisis and, ultimately, its position of importance in the world. However, if the consensus shifts and European societies come to see migration as a dynamic and positive force, then migration and migrants can and will help these societies better prepare for future challenges. In order to ground the debate in current evidence, and to counteract populist stereotypes, the MPC’s experts re-think eight migration stereotypes in the light of MPC’s research and broader academic scholarship.

Posted by Jen Branscombe at Jul 25, 2014 12:00 AM |
Migrant Labour Recruitment to Qatar

July 2014 - Qatar Foundation. This 160 page study examines the rights of low-skilled migrant workers to Qatar, with the current recruitment and employment system. It makes a range of recommendations for improving migrant workers' conditions in Qatar.

Posted by Jen Branscombe at Jul 14, 2014 12:00 AM |
Background Paper: Online Discussion on Complaints Mechanisms for Migrant Workers

June 2014 - This is the background paper for our online discussion, running Monday 30 June 2014 - Friday 11 July 2014.

Posted by Jen Branscombe at Jun 26, 2014 12:00 AM |
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