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In Thai detention centers, female migrants remain in limbo

Al Jazeera - 17 June 2015 - Thai authorities have refused to grant refugee status to hundreds of Rohingya who arrived through human traffickers.

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Does labour migration do more harm than good?

IRIN - 12 June 2015 - Unlike its namesake, Jeddah Village boasts no sprawling shopping centres or skyscrapers soaring from the desert sands, but this cluster of homes in Indonesia’s Cireunghas district is intimately tied to Saudi Arabia’s commercial capital: many of the houses were built with money saved by locals who travelled there to work.

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Migrant workers stuck in Singapore's legal limbo when work permits are cancelled

ABC Radio National - 15 June 2015 - Singapore runs on migrant labour. Workers from the Philippines, Bangladesh and Indonesia clean and build Singapore and care for Singaporean families. But what happens to them if they lose their job and their work permit is cancelled? Claudia Taranto reports.

Posted by Eliza Marks at Jun 15, 2015 11:40 AM |
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Consultations with Labour Attachés and Consular Officials in Malaysia on the Protection of Migrant Workers

One important measure for countries of origin in migration management and the protection of migrant workers is the appointment of labour attachés or consular officials in major countries of destination. As the first point of contact for migrant workers seeking assistance abroad, labour attachés and consular officials are required to vet prospective employers and contracts, respond to grievances and disputes, and facilitate the repatriation of citizens. In 2012, the ILO and the Bar Council Malaysia (BCM) Sub-Committee on Migrants, Refugees and Immigration Affairs3 collaborated in initiating and organizing a series of consultations for labour attachés and consular officials working in diplomatic missions of countries that deploy migrant workers to Malaysia. The practice has been replicated in Thailand, and has been shared with the relevant stakeholders in Singapore. This summary of discussions from the six consultations can serve as a reminder of the discussions and the recommendations, so that follow up action can be taken.

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ILMS Database for ASEAN Fact Sheet: ASEAN at a Glance

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Improving Protections for Migrant Domestic Workers in Australia DISCUSSION PAPER

The Walk Free Foundation and the Salvation Army-Freedom Partnership to End Modern Slavery submission to the Productivity Commission Inquiry into the Workplace Relations Framework (Australia).

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