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Domestic workers head to HK despite govt ban

Myanmar Times - 19 December 2014 - A local employment agency is still sending Myanmar women to Hong Kong as domestic workers despite a government ban, labour activists say. Labour Rights Clinic says it has reported the case to the International Labour Organisation (ILO).

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Launch of the International labour migration statistics database for ASEAN

Foreign Affairs - 18 December 2014 - To mark International Migrant’s Day (18 December), the International Labour Organization (ILO) today launched the International Labour Migration Statistics (ILMS) Database for ASEAN. The ILMS Database, which is the first of its kind in the region, provides a coherent and powerful research tool for policymakers and others to profile and monitor the international migrant labour force within the region

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Challenge for migrant workers

Baomoi - 18 December 2014 - Like so many workers across the ASEAN region, every year tens of thousands of workers leave Vietnam to find work abroad. They leave with a sense of opportunity for their future and in pursuit of decent work.

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2014 GMG Publication on Migration and Youth: Challenges and Opportunities

This Thematic Report by the Global Migration Group (GMG) offers a comprehensive overview of the many facets of youth migration, from contexts of rural marginalization and environmental degradation where many young migrants begin their journey to the challenges they face in countries of destination, such as realising their rights, accessing decent work and social protection. It discusses a range of specific issues, ranging from employment to gender to health, education and participation. The report is intended as an action-oriented contribution to the migration policy debate. In addition to elaborating on perspectives of 12 UN bodies with GMG membership, it also includes chapters prepared by the OECD, scholars, and non-governmental organisations devoted to youth and migration issues. Going beyond a rich and thorough background introduction, chapters include examples of good practices, succinct messages and concrete, forward-thinking policy options for realising the opportunities offered by youth migration.

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Inter-regional Expert’s Meeting on Realizing a Fair Migration Agenda: Labour Flows between Asia and the Arab States

A two day Inter-regional Experts Meeting on Realizing a Fair Migration Agenda: Labour Flows between Asia and the Arab States was held on 3-4 December 2014, in Kathmandu Nepal. The meeting was an opportunity for scholars, officials, employers and trade unionists to examine – in an informal setting – the potential for reform and discuss ways forward on a Fair Migration Agenda. Read more about the outcomes of the event and the next steps in the attached document.

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A ‘Freer’ Flow of Skilled Labour within ASEAN: Aspirations, Opportunities, and Challenges in 2015 and Beyond

This issue in brief, the eleventh in a series by the Migration Policy Institute (MPI) and the International Organization for Migration's Regional Office for Asia and the Pacific, explores ASEAN Member States’ goals versus the challenges they face. It also examines the opportunities the region could stand to lose now and in the future if these challenges remain unmet. While the agreement sounds promising on paper, realities on the ground—including the fact that around 87 percent of intra-ASEAN migrants are low-skilled workers, the prevalence of irregular migration in this region, and the flow imbalances among states—could complicate realization of the AEC's already limited aspirations.

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